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YouTube is embarking on a journey into the world of generative artificial intelligence with the introduction of innovative features. This blog article delves into YouTube’s ambitious plans to test AI-driven tools, including a comments summarizer and a conversational companion. Explore how these cutting-edge technologies could reshape the user experience and enhance engagement on the world’s leading video-sharing platform. Stay updated on YouTube’s exciting foray into the realm of AI innovation.

YouTube New AI features Conversational tools and Comments Summarize Tools

YouTube is embarking on a foray into the realm of generative AI capabilities, as the tech giant divulged today. As an integral component of the premium subscription offering, YouTube patrons will gain access to a novel conversational tool harnessing AI, tailored to field questions about YouTube’s vast reservoir of content and dispense personalized recommendations. Furthermore, an innovative functionality will be unveiled, serving to succinctly encapsulate the salient themes embedded within the discourse of video comments.

Both these innovations will be accessible via YouTube’s experimental hub, found at, with participation being voluntary. The conversational utility is slated for deployment in the forthcoming weeks, while the comment summarization tool is earmarked for testing within an exclusive cohort of early adopters, those who volunteer through the website.

YouTube expounds that the conversational agent’s responses will emanate from extensive language models, meticulously curating insights from YouTube’s archives and the expanse of the web. Its primary aim is to facilitate viewers in delving deeper into the content they are presently consuming.

By way of illustration, participants will have the capability to seek elucidation on the content they are actively engrossed in or solicit recommendations for analogous content through actions such as “propose analogous material.” Importantly, these interactions with the AI companion are harmoniously synchronized with the video stream, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of the viewing experience.

YouTube New AI features Conversational tool

Image Credits: YouTube

The introduction of this functionality will have its initial rollout exclusively within the United States, accessible on Android devices via a new “Ask” feature located on the video’s viewing interface. Subscribers to YouTube Premium are afforded the opportunity to opt into this trial commencing today. However, it’s important to note that this feature will not be ubiquitous across all YouTube content at this juncture. Currently, a select group of users is participating in the tool’s testing phase, with plans to extend the option to YouTube Premium members in the forthcoming weeks.

Conversely, the comment summarization tool will harness the capabilities of generative AI to systematize and condense the myriad topics of discourse within the extensive comment sections that accompany videos. This facilitates viewers in catching up on the prevailing sentiments and discussions taking place. Furthermore, YouTube envisions this feature as a valuable resource for content creators.

It can provide insights into the prevalent subjects of conversation amongst their channel’s subscribers, eliminating the need to meticulously sift through each comment individually. This, in turn, can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for crafting new video content based on the trending topics of discussion. Additionally, content creators will have the capacity to curate their comment sections by removing any discussions that fall under specific topics of choice.

YouTube New AI features Comments Summarize Tools

Image Credits: YouTube

YouTube specifies that the summarization of topics will exclusively encompass published comments, with those under review, containing prohibited language, or originating from blocked users excluded from consideration.

Currently, this experiment is being conducted on a select number of videos and is accessible solely in the English language.

YouTube divulges that the testing phase will persist over the forthcoming weeks and months, with the aim of amassing user feedback to ascertain the practical utility of these novel functionalities.

In a broader context, Google has been actively exploring the integration of AI across its diverse product portfolio, spanning from Search to Workspace and consumer-oriented applications such as Photos and Assistant. Within the YouTube ecosystem, Google has also experimented with AI-driven advertising strategies, permitting brands to target culturally significant moments.

Additionally, YouTube has introduced an array of AI tools tailored for content creators, encompassing features like music discovery for videos, AI-driven voiceovers, and “Dream Screen,” an innovative generative AI tool for crafting background images or videos for YouTube Shorts. Furthermore, YouTube Music recently introduced AI-generated playlists, augmenting user experiences. It’s worth noting that YouTube has previously explored the implementation of AI-generated video summaries and educational video quizzes.

YouTube acknowledges the experimental nature of these features and the possibility of occasional imperfections. To mitigate this, they are commencing with a limited release and actively soliciting user feedback, fostering an iterative approach to refinement. Users are encouraged to provide feedback directly through the tools themselves.

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