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Explore the latest updates and features introduced by WhatsApp Business in this informative article. Stay updated with the new tools and functionalities that can benefit your business. In recent years, WhatsApp has emerged as a dominant messaging app on smartphones, supplanting SMS as the primary means of communication with others.

Meta Platforms unveiled a plethora of novel enhancements for WhatsApp Business during the Conversations event held in Mumbai this Wednesday.

Over the preceding years, WhatsApp has emerged as a ubiquitous application on mobile devices, supplanting traditional SMS as the predominant mode of interpersonal communication. Meta has astutely seized this opportunity, consistently introducing a stream of novel features to captivate users and prevent their migration to alternative platforms. It has further evolved into a pivotal channel for enterprises to augment their clientele, with WhatsApp Business delivering a repertoire of consumer-focused functionalities.

In the course of its Conversations event, Meta revealed an array of fresh attributes tailored for WhatsApp Business. In an address by Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp, he conveyed, “For those engaging in dialogues with commercial entities on @WhatsApp, we have a profusion of remarkable enhancements in the pipeline, encompassing the facilitation of more elaborate in-chat interactions. These enhancements are poised to streamline actions such as scheduling appointments or procuring tickets, all without departing from the confines of the application.”

Here is the WhatsApp Business rolls out new features

  • Multiple payment services
  • Flows
  • Meta-verified businesses

Multiple payment services

Multiple payment services

Clients are now afforded the liberty to select from an array of payment alternatives, encompassing debit and credit cards, an assortment of UPI applications, and more, for settling bills related to the acquisition of services or merchandise.

Additionally, the settlement of dues can be seamlessly executed within the ongoing conversation, obviating the need to navigate to external UPI platforms. WhatsApp has disclosed its collaborative ventures with Razorpay and PayU, a strategic alliance aimed at simplifying financial transactions through WhatsApp Business.

During the event, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, articulated, “In the domain of payments within India, we are committed to accommodating an assortment of alternative payment methodologies, including comprehensive integration with all UPI applications.”



This innovation introduces tailor-made menus and forms that enterprises can leverage to offer their patrons an array of immersive encounters, ranging from reserving appointments to hand-picking train seats or meal preferences. Remarkably, all of these interactions can be seamlessly conducted without necessitating the departure from the WhatsApp application.

The rollout of these feature-rich flows will be extended to commercial entities via WhatsApp Business in the forthcoming weeks.

Meta-verified businesses

Meta-verified businesses

In a concerted effort to curtail the potential rise of fraudulent activities attributed to spurious establishments listed on its platform, WhatsApp is set to introduce Meta-verified credentials for bona fide businesses operating within its ecosystem.

To obtain the coveted verified badge, businesses will be obliged to substantiate their legitimacy to Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp. In exchange, they will be endowed with this badge of authenticity, accompanied by a spectrum of supplementary benefits. These perks encompass elevated account assistance and safeguards against impersonation. Furthermore, it will grant access to an array of premium functionalities, including multi-device compatibility, heightened visibility of business pages, and more.

Meta has declared its intention to initiate testing of the Meta-verified feature in the near future, with plans to subsequently integrate it into the platform in the times ahead.

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In summary, the evolution of WhatsApp Business continues to forge ahead, with the introduction of a compelling suite of novel features. These enhancements not only cater to the ever-evolving needs of businesses and their clientele but also underscore WhatsApp’s commitment to providing a seamless and secure communication platform.

From customizable menus and forms for booking appointments and making selections to the integration of diverse payment options and the advent of Meta-verified badges, the future of WhatsApp Business promises enhanced convenience and security for both enterprises and users. As these transformative features gradually unfold, it’s evident that WhatsApp Business is set to further solidify its position as a dynamic and indispensable tool for businesses worldwide. Stay tuned for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead as WhatsApp Business continues to redefine the landscape of digital communication and commerce.

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